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17 Mei 2023



Which woman does not want to have an ideal body? As you get older, every woman will be very careful in maintaining her body. One way to make your body look slimmer is to wear shapewear.

    Shapewear Dress is designed to shape the body and can also function for health, namely improving blood circulation. In addition, shapewear can also make your body shape more attractive and toned.

Shapewear can also lift some parts of the body if used in the right way and continuously.

There are several things that must be considered when choosing shapewear. Here are some ways to choose shapewear.

1. Figure out what your body shape is

Before you buy shapewear, you must know your body type first. There are various types of body shape, including: apple means the body has a larger shape in the waist area. An hourglass body shape is an ideal body shape in which the chest and hips are the same width. Then a rectangle body shape means a straight body shape from top to bottom, with an invisible waist line.

2. Choose shapewear products that suit your body shape

    Choose the shapewear that best suits your body shape. Try to choose a built-in shapewear dress that can meet your daily needs. Like the Lounge Dresses.This model is very smooth and can shape the body like an 8 in 1. Your body will feel firmer and you can choose according to your size. Or you can choose a Body suit which aims to shape your stomach and waist to be more beautiful and can form cleavage. 

    Or if you want to appear with a flat stomach, you can try Dresses With Built In Tummy Control where there is a front zipper and a strap that can be adjusted according to your comfort.

Latex Tummy Control Shapewear

3. Take the size that fits you

After knowing the form of shapewear that matches your body shape. So the next thing you can do is find a size that fits your body.  

Popilush provides up to 5 sizes. From sizes S to 5XL. Or you can take measurements according to your chest circumference. So buy shapewear products according to your size so you will feel comfortable wearing them. So what are you waiting for, let's buy shapewear to support your appearance. 

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